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Water Treatment and special additives for water municipalities and manufacturing industries

- Boiler chemicals and complete range of boilers conditioners
- Hardness,  phosphate control chemicals  and ph conditioners
- Alcalinity control chemicals
- Condensate control chemicals and filming amines neutralizers

- Treatement of evaporators (towers and distillation installation)

- Scale control : scale inhibition, anti foaming and dispersants
- Corrosion control
- Diesel engine cooling water treatment

- Treatment of corrosion in closed cooling systems
- Antifoulants
- Antifoams
- Biocides, oxydants and  algaecides
- Flocculants and coagulants
- Oxygene scavengers
- Reverse osmosis desalination chemicals for membranes
- Biological products
- Odour control specialties for acrylates, mercaptans, and h2s

Fuel oil addidives

- Fuel conditioners and combustion improvers
- Pour point depressants and flow improvers
- Treatment of corrosive deposits on valve seats
- Combustion catalyst and ash modifiers
- Soot removal

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