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Petrochemical Industry

Exploration additives

- Additives for drilling fluids water and oil based (Bentonite, Rheologymodifiers…)
- Viscosifiers (CMC, THC, …)
- Fluid loss additives for cement slurries
- Lubricants for drilling fluids
- Emulsifiers for oil based drilling fluids
- Foamers for drilling
- Defoamers

- Acid corrosion inhibitors,  Anti sludge agents and dispersants

Production chemicals

- Degreasers
- Antifoaming agents
- Paraffine improvers
- Flow improvers and PPD
- Corrosion inhibitors
- Biocides
- Demulsifiers
- Deoilers and flocculants
- Hydrate treatment : glycol and methanol, mutual solvents
- Scale inhibitors
- Oxygene scavengers
- Water control products
- Water injection chemicals (Biocides, coagulants, O2 scavengers, Scale Inhibitors, …)

Refinery and process additives

- Flow improvers and PPD’s
- Paraffine modifiers
- Crude and gas neutralizers

- Anti foam agent for amine neutralisation

- H2S Scavengers
- Corrosion inhibitors
- Desalters and demulsifiers
- Coloring agents for refineries

- Anti oxidant agents for plastic processes

- Gas treatment products (molecular sieves, inert balls, ...)

Other additives and chemicals

- Lubricants for gas turbines, air and cool compressors and engines
- Special selected high performance compressor oils
- Heat transfer oils
- Transformer oils

As basic chemicals, we supply

- All acids (powders / liquids) organic and non organic
- All bases (powders / liquids) and alkaline products (caustic soda, …)
- All salts (NTA, EDTA, Ammonium salts, …)
- All solvents (aromatics and non aromatics)
- All alcohols (IPA, N butanol, …)
- All glycols (MEG, DEG, TEG, BG, BDG , MDG, …)
- All amines (MEA, DEA, TEA, MDEA activated or not….)
- All minerals (Phosphates, carbonates, …)
- All filtration aids (activated carbons, diatomeous earth, …)

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