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Industrial Cleaners for manufacturing, food, machinery and petrochemicals

Alcaline cleaners and degreasers


- Surface cleaners
- Industrial floorcleaners
- High pressure cleaner
- Container cleaners
- Resin removers, graffiti, paint stripper
- Odour neutralizers
- PU removers and glue removers
- For automatic washing machines
- Hygienic cleaners

Acid Cleaners

- Surface treatment of metals derusters, preparation for painting systems, …
-  Descalers heat exchangers, circuits, …
- Pickling of stainless steel
- Aluminium cleaners

Neutral Cleaners

- Industrial degreaser
- General purpose cleaner
- Handcleaners
- Odor control products

Solvent based cleaners and degreasers

- Aromate free
- Oil spill removal on water or solid ground
- Powerful decarbonizer
- Electrical and electronic cleaners
- Lubricants and derusters


Special Industrial products

- Coatings and rust converters
- Fully biodegradable natural based products

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