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The products produced by the petrochemical industry play an enormous role in our daily lives. It would be difficult to imagine life without gasoline, cosmetics, fertilizers, detergents, synthetic fabrics, asphalt, plastics, flavorings, and many medications. All of these products—and many more—are made from petrochemicals; chemicals derived from petroleum or natural gas.  The petrochemical industry has done so many things to improve our daily lives, yet most of us are completely unaware of how much we depend on them.


Water Treatment

Avoid production and profit loss with efficient influent water treatment at your facility.
It doesn’t matter whether it entails filtration, raw water clarification, lime, or sodium zeolite softening, reverse osmosis, or demineralization challenges. We’ll deliver site-specific treatment products that meet or exceed operating cost and performance targets.


Industrial Cleaners

In the food processing and manufacturing industry, cleanliness is more than just a goal... it's the key to staying in business.
If your plant isn't clean, your business isn't open. Arbochim NV understands how important it is to make certain you maintain the highest standards of safety and sanitation. Our mission is to help you control cleaning and sanitation costs, while ensuring food safety and protecting your company's good name.


Automotive Industry

The automotive industry views component cleanliness as a quality criterion, and requirements continue to get stricter with each generation of vehicles. Simultaneously increasing cost pressures have added to the importance of optimizing parts cleaning processes for automobile manufacturers and their suppliers.
We can provide you with products for car and truckwash, aviation and marine industry.


Fire Fighting Foams

We supply an extensive line of Fire Fighting Foams, Foam Concentrates and Dry Powders.  Our products are unique for their knockdown efficiency, superior burn back resistance and eco friendly quality.

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