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Arbochim Europe

Initially, Arbochim was founded in 1988.  As the years went by, our company grew rapidly.

In 2010, we entered a restructuring process to improve our growth prospects in the emerging markets and boost our overall competitive position at a global level.


This resulted in 2 divisions and 2 different plants.

Division Arbochim NV, specialised in chemicals and distribution all over the world.

And our other division, Arbochim Europe NV. 

You can find them in the heart of the Antwerp harbour.  They specialise in industrial cleaning products to be sold on the European market.

Contact information​

Arbochim Europe NV

Transcontinentaalweg 12/14

2030 Antwerp


Office Representation in Sweden :

Salah Almlais

Lotsgatan 3A

41458 Gothenburg


Tel    : +46 31 3312013

Mob : +46 736 102 856

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